Doris Reiter - TU Dortmund

Semiconductors (HL)

Position Group Leader
Address TU Dortmund
Condensed Matter Theory
Department of Physics
44221 Dortmund

Research Solid state theory, Quantum dots for quantum information, Dynamics in 2D semiconductors, Spatially structured light, Plasmonics and photonic crystals
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Divisions Semiconductors (HL)

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Research Agenda: On the nanoscale materials behave differently than on larger scales. The dynamics in nanostructures is governed by the rules of quantum mechanics giving rise to unpreceded phenomena. Accordingly, nanostructures are key ingredients to applications in quantum technology. My research focusses on the understanding of light-matter interaction in various nanostructures, like semiconductor quantum dots, 2D materials, photonic crystals and plasmonic systems, as well as its interplay with other interactions like the Coulomb interaction or the electron-phonon interaction. In my research, I develop and employ several analytical and numerical methods ranging from rate equations over density matrix approaches up to machine learning to describe the quantum dynamics in solid state nanostructures. Combining solid state theory and quantum optics I aim at understanding, designing and optimizing structures to be used in quantum information technology.

Short Bio:In 2010 I finished my PhD at University of Münster on the theoretical modelling of the optical control of Mn-doped semiconductor quantum dots. During my PostDoc phase, I continued working on quantum dots and analyzing the impact of electron-phonon interaction when using quantum dots for quantum information technology. During my one-year research stay at Imperial College London, UK, within a DAAD P.R.I.M.E scholarship, I expanded my knowledge by working on light-matter interaction and plasmonics. In 2016 I was appointed a Junior-professorship at University of Münster, with the positive interim evaluation in 2019. in April 2022 I change to TU Dortmund. The topic of my research group is Ultrafast Optics in Nanostructured Solids.