Eva Herzig - Universität Bayreuth

Chemical and Polymer Physics (CPP), Semiconductor Physics (HL)


Position Juniorprofessor
Address Universität Bayreuth
Research scattering, GIWAXS/GISAXS/XRR/resonantscattering, structural control and processing, printing organic thin films
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Chemical and Polymer Physics (CPP), Semiconductor Physics (HL)


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Research Agenda: In my research I am interested in understanding the influences of structure on performance of functional thin films. Particularly, how we can influence structure formation with external parameters. Our tools are processing under various controlled external conditions and the structural analysis of thin films using a broad suite of scattering tools.

Short Bio: After studying Experimental Phyics at the University of Edinburgh, I gained my PhD in Soft Condensed Matter also at the University of Edinburgh. I then returned to Germany, working in industry for two years, followed by a Postdoc in the Müller-Buschbaum Group at TUM. In 2013 I obtained funding for an independent research group that I lead at the Technical University of Munich until accepting the Juniorprofessur at the University of Bayreuth in 2017 that was positively mid term evaluated in 2020.