Sascha Feldmann - Harvard University

Chemical and Polymer Physics (CPP), Semiconductor Physics (HL)

Position Faculty & Research Group Leader
Address Rowland Institute, Harvard University
Research spectroscopy, chirality, molecular electronics, perovskites, quantum information
Weblinks Group-Website 
Divisions Chemical and Polymer Physics (CPP)
Semiconductor Physics (HL)


Research Agenda: The Feldmann Lab at Harvard employs ultrafast magneto-optical spectroscopy and other tools to understand the next generation of materials needed for a more sustainable global energy production and consumption.

For this, we utilize the concept of symmetry breaking in novel soft semiconductors and nanomaterials to control both charge and spin in these printable materials.

We work on uncovering the design rules which enable the next generation of cheap, efficient and flexible solar cells & displays, and unlock entirely new applications in quantum information technology.

Short Bio: Sascha is a research group leader and faculty at Harvard University's Rowland Institute for Science.
Before, he was an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow at the Cavendish Laboratory of the University of Cambridge, working on the spectroscopy of soft semiconductors for next-generation display and quantum applications.
Sascha completed his PhD in Physics with Prof. Sir Richard Friend and Prof. Felix Deschler at the University of Cambridge where he investigated charge carrier dynamics in halide perovskite semiconductors for optoelectronic applications such as solar cells or lighting. Previously, he studied Chemistry in Heidelberg and included an Erasmus Exchange year in Cambridge with the synthesis group of Prof. Dominic Wright. Sascha's Bachelor's and Master's theses focussed on understanding interfaces of materials for organic electronics using two-photon photoemission in the Tegeder group.