Sebastian Deffner - University of Maryland

Dynamics and Statistical Physics(DY), Quanteninformation (QI)

Position Assistant Professor
Address University of Maryland
Baltimore County
Research Thermodynamics and control of information in complex quantum systems
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Divisions Dynamics and Statistical Physics (DY)
Quanteninformation (QI)

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Research Agenda: As theoretical physicists, we employ tools from Statistical Physics, Open Quantum Dynamics, Quantum Information Theory, Quantum Optics, Quantum Field Theory, Condensed Matter Theory, and Optimal Control Theory to investigate the nonequilibrium properties of nanosystems operating far from thermal equilibrium.

Short Bio:
Since 2016: Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, UMBC
Since 2016: Visiting Professor, Institute of Physics ‘Gleb Wataghin’, UNICAMP
2014 — 2016: Director’s Funded Postdoctoral Fellow, LANL (Wojciech H. Zurek)
2011 — 2014: Research Associate, University of Maryland College Park (Christopher Jarzynski)
2011: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Augsburg, Germany (Eric Lutz)
2008 — 2011: Research Fellow (PhD-Student), University of Augsburg, Germany (Eric Lutz)