Programm im Rahmen der 83. Jahrestagung der DPG 2019 in Rostock


Das Programm der Vorträge und Fachsitzungen finden Sie hier.

AGI 1.1 Jean-Sebastien Caux - Beyond Open Access: SciPost (PDF)
AGI 1.2 Ulrich Pöschl - Multi Stage Open Peer Review: Integrating the strengths of traditional peer review with the virtues of transparency and self-regulation (PDF)
AGI 3.1 Stephan Fritzsche - A community approach to atomic structures and processes (PDF)
AGI 3.2 Wojciech Rzadkowski - Scientific writing made faster with automated download of
LaTeX sources from arXiv
AGI 4.1 Johannes Hampp - Versioning and collaboration: git in research and beyond (Presentation, Repository, Material)
AGI 4.2 Enrico Stein - Finite Elements in Python - The FENICS Package