11.03.22 - Cavity Quantum Optomechanics

Tobias J. Kippenberg (EPFL, Switzerland)

Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/94495922575

ID: 944 9592 2575

Password: HzF3

In this talk, I will describe a range of optomechanical phenomena that we observed using high Q optical
microresonators. Radiation pressure back-action of photons is shown to lead to effective cooling(1, 2, 3,
4) of the mechanical oscillator mode using dynamical backaction. Sideband resolved cooling, combined
with cryogenic precooling enables cooling the oscillators such that it resides in the quantum ground state
more than 1/3 of its time(5). Increasing the mutual coupling further, it is possible to observe quantum
coherent coupling(5) in which the mechanical and optical mode hybridize and the coupling rate exceeds
the mechanical and optical decoherence rate (6). This regime enables a range of quantum optical
experiments, including state transfer from light to mechanics using the phenomenon of optomechanically
induced transparency(7). Moreover, the optomechanical coupling can be exploited for measuring the
position of a nanomechanical oscillator in the timescale of its thermal decoherence(8), a basic requirement
for preparing its ground-state using feedback as well as (Markovian) quantum feedback. This regime
moreover enables to explore quantum effects due to the radiation pressure interaction, notably quantum
correlations in the light field that give rise to optical squeezing or sideband asymmetry(9).


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