Thanks to the support of the European Physics Letters Journal, we were able to award also this year poster prices, consisting of a certifcate and 150 Euro award money each, to young researchers of the Biological Physics Divison for their poster presentations! The awards were presented during the general assembly by the speaker of the division, Sarah Köster. The winners are:

  • Johanna Dickmann (MPI for Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden) for poster on "How to generate a long-range signalling gradient based on short-range molecular interactions"
  • Melis Goktas (MPI for Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam) for poster on "Understanding the Sequence-Structure-Mechanics Relationship of Coiled Coil Dimers under Shear"
  • Patrick Kudella (LMU München) for poster on "Sequence selection of oligonucleotides under a ligation chain reaction"
  • Paul Lühe (University of Rostock) for poster on "Roughness and wettability assessment of substrates with regard to cell adhesion"
  • Felix Meigel (MPI for Dyanmics and Self-Organization, Goettingen) for poster on "Robust increase in supply by vessel dilation"
  • Laura Schaedel and Charlotta Lorenz (University of Goettingen) for poster on "Single filament interaction of microtubules and vimentin intermediate filaments"
  • Simon Streit (University of Bayreuth) for poster on "Applying microwaves on a cellular level"


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epl-preisträger 2019.jpg

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