Meetings, conferences and workshops in 2021

DPG-Frühjahrstagung Greifswald, 26.02. - 29.02.2024

Laser, Optik und Photonik

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SPIE Laser Damage link San Ramon, Kalifornien, USA   07. - 10. Oktober 2024   24. April 2024
EOS Annual Meeting (EOSAM) 2024 link Neapel, Italien   09. - 13. September 2024   12. April 2024

Pulsed Power, Plasma und (Opto-)Electronik

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7th International Conference “ALD FOR INDUSTRY” link Dresden   12. - 13. März 2024    
19th International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering PSE 2024 link Erfurt   02. - 05. September 2024   31. Januar 2024

Diagnostics, Medizin und Bio

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Sicherheitsforschung, Energie und Nanotechnologie

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Workshops, Webinare und Symposien

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Workshop "Implantate - Wenn die Antwort in der Schicht steckt!" link Tuttlingen   27. - 28. Februar 2024    
Der Workshop spricht folgende Zielgruppen an:
◦ Teilnehmer aus Industrie und F&E
◦ aus den Arbeitsfeldern Material-Entwicklung /-Beschichtung /-Oberflächenkonditionierung / klinische Bewertung
◦ Ingenieure & verantwortliche Techniker aus Medizintechnik und angrenzenden Gebieten

Thin Film Technologies | Future Applications of 2.5D Materials link Eindhoven, Niederlande   09. - 10. April 2024    

Sputtering for Precision Optics II – Digital Transformation Driven Trends in the Coating Technology link Bühler Alzenau GmbH, alzenau   11. - 12. Juni 20214    

Photonic technologies play a key role in the ongoing trend towards digitalisation in almost all areas of technology and everyday life. Photonic sensors, integrated optics and miniaturised optical systems enable technological innovations, new monitoring methods and process optimisation for the digitalisation and automation of the industrial production.

The production of such optical systems and the development of new markets and applications requires further development of technologies and the in-depth characterisation of complex processes in the optical manufacturing. The aim is to design these precisely and cost-effectively and to develop the manufacturing processes. Compared to processes in the electronics production, the effort involved is usually higher due to the significantly greater range of functions, materials and structures. At the same time, an increasing fusion of both areas, e.g. optical functionality at wafer level, can be recognised. This is referred to as Wafer Level Optics.

Innovative production technologies for optical coatings, e.g. for anti-reflective coatings and dielectric mirrors, filters, beam splitters and waveguides are essential for applications in the miniaturized optical systems and integrated optics, for image processing, photonic sensors and in the semiconductor industry. Sputtering technology is one of these modern technologies. In this workshop, we would like to show you new, digitalization driven trends in the technologies and applications and how a wide variety of coating materials with the desired properties can be applied to optics made of glass, metal or other materials.

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