Plasma Acceleration

Bad Honnef Physics School

Su, 05.02.2023 18:30  –   Fr, 10.02.2023 14:00
Jens Osterhoff (DESY, Hamburg) and Carl Schroeder (LBNL, Berkeley)
Physikzentrum Bad Honnef
Hauptstr. 5, Hauptstr. 5, 53604 Bad Honnef, Germany

Contact person:
Dr. Victor Gomer (Physikzentrum Bad Honnef),


Scientific organizers:
Dr. Jens Osterhoff (DESY, Hamburg, Germany) and Prof. Dr. Carl Schroeder (LBNL, Berkeley, United States)

February 5 - 10, 2023, Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany
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Scientific context

Plasmas can sustain electric fields far beyond the breakdown limit of unionized matter. This property is utilized in plasma-based charged-particle accelerators to realize acceleration gradients orders of magnitude beyond the theoretical and practical capabilities of modern metallic-cavity-based radiofrequency (RF) accelerators, resulting in significantly decreased acceleration lengths for the same particle energy: GeV beams from plasma have been generated over centimeter acceleration distances. Considering the kilometer scale of GeV RF accelerators and their major importance to many research fields such as particle physics, photon science, material science, and, potentially, health, it becomes intuitively clear that a drastic reduction of these devices in size and cost will result in an increased proliferation of accelerator technology and a disruptive increase of its scientific impact with possible installations emerging in universities, companies, hospitals, and in developing countries.

The main audience of the school are Master and PhD students as well as early-career postdoctoral researchers.

Lecturers and topics include:

  • Laser-driven plasma acceleration I & II (Prof. Simon Hooker, University of Oxford, UK)
  • Beam-driven plasma acceleration I & II (Prof. Sebastien Corde, École Polytechnique, France)
  • Modeling plasma accelerators I & II (Dr. Rémi Lehe, LBNL, USA)
  • Diagnostic techniques I & II (Prof. Mike Downer, Univ. of Texas at Austin, USA)
  • High-intensity lasers & High-average power lasers (Dr. Laura Corner, University of Liverpool, UK)
  • Artificial intelligence and controlling accelerators (Prof. Annika Eichler, TU Hamburg-Harburg, Germany)
  • Plasma accelerator applications I: particle physics (Dr. Marlene Turner, LBNL, USA)
  • Plasma accelerator applications II: photon science, medical (Dr. Andreas Maier, DESY, Germany)

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FEES: 200 € full board and lodging (for DPG* members 100 € )
* The German Physical Society (DPG)