ONLINE jDPG Networking: Get to know physics students from Spain

Our friends from Spain are inviting us to an international quiz within their seminar "Jornadas de Verano"

Mi, 14.07.2021 17:30  –   Mi, 14.07.2021 19:00

Anmeldung erforderlich
Grupo de Estudiantes RSEF
Rebecca Hoffmann,
Arbeitskreis junge DPG (AKjDPG)  


The Grupo de Estudiantes RSEF (Student Group of the Royal Spanish Society of Physics) is inviting us to take part in an international quiz afternoon within their seminar "Jornadas de Verano" on the 14th of July at 17:30.

In this session, we will have the chance to get to know physics students from Spain. We will be divided into international teams that will compete against each other in a quiz where you can prove your physics and general knowledge.

Don't miss this opportunity and register. We will send you the Zoom link shortly before the event.