International Summer School on Theoretical Gravitational Wave Astronomy

Theoretical Gravitational Wave Astronomy

Mo, 20.08.2007 09:00  –   Fr, 24.08.2007 14:00
Gerhard Schäfer, Universität Jena
Physikzentrum Bad Honnef
Hauptstr. 5, 53604 Bad Honnef, Germany

Universität Jena, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Sascha Husa,


The main idea of the Summer School

The school is intended to give a thorough view on gravitational waves. It will cover topics from the theoretical modelling of the sources of gravitational waves to the data analyses of the wave signals.

The school is open to all students and researchers interested in the physics and astrophysics of gravitational waves.

List of Speakers

Marc Freitag (Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge)
on Astrophysics

Bernard Schutz (AEI Potsdam)
gives an overview

Andrzej Krolak (Institute of Mathematics PAN, Warsaw)
on Data Analysis

Piotr Jaranowski (Inst.of Theoretical Physics, Bialystok)
on Post-Newtonian

Sukanta Bose (Physics and Astronomy Faculty, Washington State Univ.)
on Data Analysis

Harald Dimmelmeier (Department of Physics, Aristotle University Thessaloniki)
on Hydrodynamics/Collapse

Toni Font ( Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics University of Valencia)

Alicia Sintes (Department of Physics, University of the Balearic Islands)
on Data Analysis

Konstantinos Kokkotas (Theoretische Astrophysik & Computational Physics, University of Tübingen)
on Neutron Stars

Marcus Ansorg (AEI Potsdam)
on Numerical Relativity

Gerhard Schäfer (TPI, University of Jena)
on Post-Newtonian

Sascha Husa (TPI, University of Jena)
on Numerical Relativity

Niall O'Murchadha (University College, Cork)
on Numerical Relativity

Ulrich Sperhake (TPI, University of Jena)
on Numerical Relativity