The DPG has got 60,133 members (status quo 30 June 2011)

156 members are institutional members (institutes, libraries, schools, companies). The remaining members (99.7%) are personal members, who subdivide in the following way:

30.9% Students
27.0% PhD students, assistents
4.2% Professors
10.0% Industrial physicists
8.2% Physicists working in non-university research (HGF, MPG, FhG, PTB, etc.)
3.6% Teachers and teacher trainees
0.8% Physicists working in the sector of scientific organisation and administration
3.8% Physicists working in other sectors such as self-employed persons
11.8% Members from publicity campaigns

5.9% of the personal members live abroad. The portion of women is 13.7%. The median of the age of the members is 29 years, the average 35 years.