Chief Executive

The Executive Board appoints, with the approval of the Council, a Chief Executive who is responsible for the administration of the DPG and the business relations of the DPG.

The duties of the Chief Executive include assisting the President and the Executive Board in fulfilling their duties and in conducting business, as well as participating in an advisory role in meetings of the Executive Board, the Council, associations of members and Annual General Meetings. In agreement with the Executive Board, the Chief Executive shall establish an office to assist in the fulfilment of all tasks.

Hauptgeschäftsführer/in der DPG

Dr. Bernhard Nunner

Referent/in des Hauptgeschäftsführers

M.A. Robert Labedzke


DPG offices

The DPG has two offices. The head office is located in the Physikzentrum Bad Honnef. In addition, there is an office in Magnus-Haus Berlin, which is the DPG's representative office in the capital. You will find the contact details of the offices and the contact persons under Contact.