Termination of membership

Here you can officially terminate your DPG membership. Simply fill in the following form and you will shortly receive a written confirmation by email.

Dear Member,
We deeply regret that you would like to terminate your DPG membership. Of course we respect your decision and thank you very much for your membership, which has contributed to realize the goals of our association's statutes.

Historical data   For historical reasons, we would like to keep part of your membership data (name, birthday, admission, resignation, awards given and association functions held) in a secure old database for statistical purposes.


According to § 9 (3) of the statutes, DPG membership may be terminated at the end of the respective calendar year, provided that the notice of termination has been received by the DPG office by 30 November at the latest.

After submitting the form, you will receive an e-mail with the details of this form. In addition, an electronic confirmation will shortly be sent to your e-mail address stating the date of termination. If no confirmation of termination has been received within one week, please send a short message to .

Thank you very much!

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