Fit für die Bühne?


Twice a year the working group jDPG organises the "EinsteinSlam: Physics in 10 minutes". This ScienceSlam dedicated to physics takes place during the DPG Spring Meetings and the Highlights der Physik.

Physicists are fit in science and ready for the stage: In exactly 10 minutes the audience has to be inspired for their own research topic. In doing so, the slammers not only focus on creativity, charm and wit, but above all on comprehensibility. All forms of presentation are allowed and in the end the winner is the one the audience chooses for the best performance. Only the best slamer may take home the coveted "Golden Albert".

About the history

The model for this presentation tournament is a form of literary competition known as "Poetry Slam". It originated in the USA in 1986 and has since spread around the globe. The first Science Slam was held in Germany in 2006 in the style of the "Poetry Slam" - in the meantime, such competitions have been held in numerous cities.