PLANCKS is an annual international physics competition for physics students. It is a four-hour exam in which 10 theoretical physics problems are solved in a team of up to four students. The aim of the event is also the international exchange among the participants as well as getting to know the research institutions on site. PLANCKS is organised every year by changing national physics student associations.

The competition is embedded in a four-day event in June/July with a cultural and scientific supporting programme. For example, scientific lectures by top-class guests, laboratory tours, city rally or a pub crawl take place on site.

⇒ 2022 PLANCKS will be hosted by the DPG at the LMU Munich

⇒ Further information about PLANCKS on the IAPS website

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PLANCKS is the annual international team competition in theoretical physics. In 2022, PLANCKS will be hosted by the DPG as a member of iaps and is organized by the Faculty of Physics of the LMU Munich. more...