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DPG teacher training

The DPG promotes the professional and didactic further training of teachers. Up to five teacher training courses per year with different focuses and target groups are offered at the Physics Centre Bad Honnef. Teacher training days are also offered within the framework of the DPG Spring Conferences for the further training of teachers.

Just a few years after the physics centre was founded as a meeting place for physicists, the idea was born to offer teachers professional training at the highest level. Thus, in April 1983, the first advanced training course sponsored by the German Physical Society (DPG) took place with great success. Since then, up to five recognized continuing education courses on current research topics have been offered annually.

How is a DPG teacher training course organised?

In order to also include the concerns of teaching, the courses are usually organised by one specialist scientist and one physics didactician. In this way, the purely technical perspective is supplemented by a didactic perspective and the participants are supported holistically. As a rule, 50 to 80 participants take part in an advanced training course. These come from all over Germany, which creates interesting opportunities for an exchange of experiences about the respective school system.

Who can register for the DPG teacher training course?

In principle, anyone interested can register for the advanced training courses, but the courses are primarily aimed at committed physics teachers, trainee teachers and candidates for teacher training. The latter two groups of participants can participate with a reduced participation fee.