Do you know the answer to our questions? Then take up our challenge and win great DPG must-haves! [The questions will only be published in German.]

With the #DPGChallenge we challenge all members and also those who would like to become members to prove to us how well they know their DPG. The fiddly questions are of varying degrees of difficulty to find the solutions on the websites of DPG, Physik Journal and Welt der Physik.

Every week we set the challenge to answer one question. As a little help we give you a tip where you can find the solution. Only those who take up the challenge can win great DPG prizes that sweeten the time in the home office. A prize will be raffled among all entries to the weekly #DPGChallenge. In addition, great prizes will be raffled off among all the submissions for a month - stay tuned and taking part regularly pays off!


How can I take part in #DPGChallenge?

  1. Start on 7 May 2020
  2. Read question on Facebook or Instagram.
  3. Find out the solution. (Have fun searching!)
  4. Send the answer by private message on Facebook or Instagram AND comment the picture with the question. But please do not reveal the solution. We all have the same fun!

Because we ask for addresses to send out prizes, the minimum age for participation is 18.

Have fun working on it!