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Heidelberg Integration Bee

The Heidelberg Integration Competition on 28 May 2024

You love integration by parts, substitution and always finish calculating integrals 5 minutes before everyone else? Then you've come to the right place!

Find out in the Heidelberg Integration Bee whether you have what it takes to be an integration champion by proving yourself in several rounds by solving various integrals. Inspired by the "MIT Integration Bee", the winner is the person who manages to solve the integral correctly in the given time.
In an Integration Bee, two students compete against each other at the blackboard to solve a specific integral. The winners then progress to the next round and compete against each other again until there is only one person left.

Depending on the enquiry, there will be different levels of difficulty so that everyone from first-year students to PhD students can take part!

Still have questions? Then perhaps read through the official rules and regulations of the HIB.

The Integration Bee was inspired by the MIT Integration Bee.

You can see how an Integration Bee works here using the example of the final of the 2024 MIT Integration Bee

You can find the final Heidelberg Integration Bee time schedule and programme here:


The Heidelberg Integration Bee will take place on Tuesday, 28 May 2024, and will begin at around 18:30.
If you can imagine taking on the challenge, you can register here

Are you interested but come from a different regional group? No problem! You are also welcome to register and take part in the contest


Registration is completely non-binding. So that you know what to expect, you can find a PDF with some sample integrals that the participants have already received for practising below.