HYBRID: Quantum Entanglement and Images with Undetected Photons

A lecture in the "Physics & Pizza" series (held in English)

Mo, 17.04.2023 18:15  –   Mo, 17.04.2023 19:15
Dr. Sven Ramelow, Institut für Physik, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Arbeitsgruppe „Nichtlineare Quantenoptik“
Magnus-Haus Berlin
Am Kupfergraben 7, 10117 Berlin, Germany

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Andreas Böttcher, , 030/201748-0
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This lecture will be held in presence at Magnus-Haus and can be followed online at the same time. Use the links above to register your attendance in person on site or to receive access data for online attendance. No admission after the start of the event. Please do not participate if you have symptoms of a respiratory infection (cold symptoms).

Topic: Quantum technologies promise a multitude of completely new applications which, in addition to quantum computers, are about to lead to first commercial product developments, especially in quantum light-based metrology. A particularly fascinating example is a new type of imaging and microscopy in which the photons interacting with the sample (e.g., a tissue section in medical diagnostics) never need to be measured ("Quantum Imaging with Undetected Photons," Nature 512, 409, 2014). The basics of this and the role of entangled photons in this process as well as the application possibilities resulting from this will be explained as clearly as possible in the lecture.

CV: Dr. Sven Ramelow has been involved in research with entangled photons for over 15 years. After studying physics at HU Berlin, he completed his PhD and 1st PostDoc at the University of Vienna with Prof. A. Zeilinger, where he worked on fundamental quantum experiments as well as application-oriented topics such as quantum communication, quantum frequency conversion and quantum imaging. In the 2nd PostDocs at Cornell University, USA, he extended his expertise in integrated quantum optics. Since 2017, Dr. Ramelow leads the junior research group "Nonlinear Quantum Optics" at HU Berlin, which conducts experimental research on integrated optics, quantum frequency conversion, and imaging and spectroscopy with undetected photons.

Following the lecture, there will be a get-together where participants can exchange ideas with each other over pizza and drinks in the Remise and the garden of the Magnus-Haus.

The event is sponsored by the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation.