ONLINE Halbleiter zum Frühstück - Towards phonon engineering at the nanoscale: material design and innovative experimental techniques

Online seminar
Th, 03.03.2022 10:00  –   Th, 03.03.2022 11:00
Ilaria Zardo, University of Basel, Switzerland

Contact person:
Doris Reiter, Michael Lorke, ,
DPG Association:
Semiconductor Physics (HL)  
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Zoom Link, PW: HzF3


The recently growing research field called “Nanophononics” deals with the investigation and control of vibrations in solids at the nanoscale. Phonon engineering leads to a controlled modification of phonon dispersion, phonon interactions, and transport.1,2 However, engineering and probing phonons and phonon transport at the nanoscale is a non-trivial problem.

In this talk, we discuss how phononic properties can be engineered in nanowires 3 and the challenges and progresses in the measurement of the thermal conductivity of nanostructures and low dimensional systems.4


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