HYBRID: „Wafer separation by using laser dicing as a crucial step in today’s semiconductor industry”

Industriegespräche Mittelhessen

Mo, 12.12.2022 18:00  –   Mo, 12.12.2022 19:00
Richard van der Stam, R&D Manager, ASM Pacific Technology, Vught, The Neterlands
Justus Liebig Universität Gießen
Heinrich-Buff-Ring 14, 35392 Gießen, Deutschland
Physikalische Institute, Hörsaal III
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Industriegespräche Mittelhessen,
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Working Group on Industry and Business (AIW)  
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Over the last decade the traditional blade dicing technique for wafer separation is slowly being replaced by laser dicing. This technique gives many advantages, but brings also new challenges. Most pronounced is the continuously growing demand for minimizing the heat impact on the product, while keeping the productivity at a commercially attractive level. This asks for new concepts like multi-beam laser processing, separation based on volume modification instead of ablation and dicing with high power UV fs-lasers. In the presentation the current research as well as the outlook will be presented.