ONLINE: jDPG Seminar - "Physics Change Climate"

International online seminar about the physics of climate change

Fr, 28.05.2021 15:00  –   Sa, 29.05.2021 15:00
at home

Registration required
Contact person:
Rebecca Hoffmann, David Pérez González,
DPG Association:
Working Group Young DPG  



What is actually the physics behind climate change? To what extent is it a global challenge? 
How does awareness of Climate Change differ in different countries?

Do you want to discuss all these questions? Then don't miss out on our seminar
"Physics change climate". Not only are we going to discuss these questions,
but we are also going to understand their implications. Experts will guide us
through these topics, but you, as a participant, can actively take part in the discussion.
People around the globe will be joining, be part of it! 

Share your questions, learn actual data to convince your family or friends about Climate
Change, enrich your network with people that share your concern for Climate Change.
Workshops, a Round Table, and a special social program (with surprises!) are waiting for you.

Preliminary schedule

Friday 28.05.

15:00-16:30               Talk by Prof. Dr. Dirk Notz
16:30-17:00               Coffee break + networking
17:00-18:30               Talk by Dr. Sebastian Hettrich
18:30-19:30               Dinner break
starting from 19:30  social program

Saturday 29.05.

9:00-10:45                 Workshop 1
10:45-11:00               Coffee break + networking
11:00-12:45               Workshop 2
12:45-13:30               Lunch break
13:30-15:00               Round table discussion
starting from 15:00  optional social program 

More information will be published soon.