ONLINE: How good does a Li-ion battery need to be for EV and grid applications and how good can it be?

Wissenschaftlicher Abendvortrag in englischer Sprache

Tu, 23.02.2021 18:30  –   Tu, 23.02.2021 19:30
Prof. Jeff Dahn, Ph.D., FRSC, O.C., Dalhousie University, NSERC/Tesla Canada Industrial Research Chair, Canada Research Chair, Halifax, Canada
Magnus-Haus Berlin
Am Kupfergraben 7, 10117 Berlin, Germany

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Andreas Böttcher,
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Zum Inhalt: Lithium-ion batteries are amazing.  They power our phones, computers, tools, vehicles and now store energy from renewables for later use.   In my opinion, lithium-ion batteries can last many decades and our goal should be to make them last a century.  I will discuss how good Li-ion batteries are today and how they can be improved.

Zur Person: Jeffery Dahn obtained his B.Sc. from Dalhousie University (1978) and his Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia in 1982.  Dahn then worked at NRC (Canada) (82-85) and at Moli Energy (85-90) before taking up a faculty position at Simon Fraser University in 1990.  He returned to Dalhousie in 1996.  At Moli, he did pioneering work on lithium-ion batteries. Dahn was appointed as the NSERC/3M Canada Industrial Research Chair in Materials for Advanced Batteries at Dalhousie University in 1996, a position that he held until 2016.  In 2016, Dahn began a research partnership with Tesla as the NSERC/Tesla Canada Industrial Research Chair.  With over 700 journal publications and 70 distinct inventions, his H-index is 123. Dahn’s research has been recognized by numerous awards including a Governor General’s Innovation Award (2016) and the Gerhard Herzberg Gold Medal in Science and Engineering (2017), Canada’s top science prize.  He is the only person to have been awarded both. He has also been awarded both Electrochemical Society Battery Division Awards.

Diskussionsleitung: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Eberhardt, Wiss. Leiter Magnus-Haus Berlin

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