ONLINE: Scientific Cooperation with China: Risk or Opportunity? (Panel Discussion)

Physik und Gesellschaft

Tu, 06.07.2021 18:30  –   Tu, 06.07.2021 20:00
Panelists: Thorsten Benner, Helmut Dosch, Roger Falcone, Zhi Liu, Margot Schüller (Mod.: Wolfgang Eberhardt)
Magnus-Haus Berlin

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Andreas Böttcher,
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Science is international and fostered by international exchange of people and ideas. Science is also an important part of diplomacy establishing bridges and trust between nations which otherwise face difficult relationships. Very often scientific and cultural exchange programs are the first steps undertaken in order to help to overcome discrepancies and antagonism between hostile nations.
China is a country of vast intellectual, cultural and material resources that has risen very rapidly to also become one of the leading economic powers of the world. Chinese students and scholars provide a large intellectual resource for universities and research institutions in the US and Europe. Although China has become an important partner in developing scientific and technological solutions to global challenges there are more and more reservations and sentiments in US and Europe about Chinese cooperation. Major concerns are about possible unwanted knowledge transfer and technology leakage connected with the growing political influence in China on science and the increasing civil/military fusion which places additional burden on international cooperation with China.
Governments and research organisations in US and Europe have started to formulate strategies and guiding principles concerning the future cooperation with China. Do we need a more concerted strategy and red lines, or should we just continue as in the past?
We have invited experts and distinguished representatives of science organizations to present their view and engage in a discussion process concerning this complex environment.

Thorsten Benner, Co-founder and Director of the Global Public Policy Institute, Berlin
Prof. Helmut Dosch, Chair of the directorate of DESY, Hamburg
Prof. Roger Falcone, Physics Dept UC Berkeley and former president of the American Physical Society (APS)
Prof. Zhi Liu, ShanghaiTech University, Shanghai
Dr. Margot Schüller, German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA), Hamburg

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Eberhardt, Scientific Director Magnus-Haus Berlin

The event is sponsored by the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation.