ONLINE: Physics Road Trip

A virtual journey to theoretical particle physics groups in Siegen, Berlin and Karlsruhe

Mo, 15.06.2020 17:00  –   Mo, 15.06.2020 18:30
Prof. Dr. Thomas Mannel, Prof. Dr. Christophe Grojean, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Nierste and Prof. Dr. Matthias Steinhauser
DPG-Konferenzraum, Zoom, Passwort: Roadtrip#S

Event partner:
WissKomm Initiative of the University of Siegen
Contact person:
Anastasia Boushmelev and Jens Borgemeister,
DPG Association:
Working Group "Young DPG" (jDPG)  Regional Group Siegen  


We were seized by wanderlust in our regional group and that's why we are currently planning a new series of events, "Physics Road Trip", with our first trip starting on Monday, June 15th, 2020, at 5:00 p.m. In each trip we will visit three groups of a specific field of physics. Each group will present itself and then hold a short scientific talk.


The main topic of this journey will be theoretical particle physics.

We start in our home town Siegen, where you will meet Prof. Mannel. The next stop will be Berlin at 5:30 p.m. with Prof. Grojean from the Humboldt-University of Berlin. Finally, we travel 600km south-west to Karlsruhe, where Prof. Nierste and Prof. Steinhauser will warmly welcome you at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.


So buckle up, switch on and see you soon!