GIPE – the German Italian Physics Exchange

The young German Physical Society (jDPG) and the Italian Association of Physics Students (AISF) will join for the first year of the German Italian Physics Exchange in Hamburg on November 2017.

We, 01.11.2017 13:00  –   Su, 05.11.2017 14:00
MEININGER Hotel Hamburg City Center
Goetheallee 11, 22765 Hamburg, germany

Contact person:
Dr. Michaela Lemmer,
DPG Association:
Working Group "Young DPG" (jDPG)  
External Link:


During the Programme, 40 students will be able to visit some cutting-edge facilities including the Nexperia's Front End Manufacturing, DESY, the labs of the Max-Planck-Instutute for the structure and dynamics of matter, the Center for Free-Electron Laser Science and the Institute of Laserphysics. Moreover, the participants will be given talks by local professors, researchers and managers.