594. WE-Heraeus-Seminar: Spectroscopy and Applications of Cold Molecular Ions

Spectroscopy and Applications of Cold Molecular Ions

Mo, 15.06.2015 08:00  –   Th, 18.06.2015 14:45
Piet O. Schmidt (U Hannover), Roland Wester (U Innsbruck/A)
Physikzentrum Bad Honnef
Hauptstr. 5, 53604 Bad Honnef, Germany

Event partner:
Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Foundation
Contact person:
Sandra Ludwig,


594. Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Seminar "Spectroscopy and applications of cold molecular ions"

Programme is now online!

This seminar is generously funded by the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation and will be held from June 15th, 2015 to June 18th, 2015 at Physikzentrum Bad Honnef near Bonn and Cologne in Germany.

The seminar will explore recent developments in cooling, internal state control, detection, and spectroscopy of molecular ions in the context of exciting applications. Such applications range from precision spectroscopy and tests of fundamental physics over chemical reactions of cold molecules and the formation of molecular clusters, all the way to molecules in interstellar space as probes for their environment.

Topics covered in the seminar include the following questions:

How can we efficiently prepare the quantum mechanical state of a molecule and detect it non-destructively? What is the role of collisions and black-body radiation in this context?
How can we control molecules efficiently through coupling to other, more controllable systems in a so-called hybrid approach?
Which molecules are particularly suitable for ultra-precise clocks and tests of fundamental physics, such as the search for an electric dipole moment of the electron, a possible variation of fundamental constants, or a violation of fundamental symmetries?
How can we access new frequency ranges for spectroscopy of molecular ions, in particular in the far infrared and terahertz regime and this way make these ions available for astronomical observations?
How can we investigate komplex organic molecules in the optical spectral regime to find an explanation for the elusive diffuse interstellar bands?
Which role play quantum mechanical effects in inelastic and reactive processes between molecular ions and neutral atoms or molecules at low temperatures?
These questions are at the current forefront of research in molecular ions research. The seminar will bring together leading experts in the fields of quantum optics, metrology, fundamental physics, and chemistry to discuss new developments in this thriving area.

The conference language will be English. Please note that the total number of participants is limited. The organizers invite PhD students to apply and to contribute to the poster session. Female researchers are particularly encouraged, since the WE-Heraeus Foundation seeks to support women in science.