510. WE-Heraeus-Seminar: Non-Magnetic Control of Spin – Fundamental Physics and Materials Design

Non-Magnetic Control of Spin – Fundamental Physics and Materials Design

Su, 06.01.2013 18:00  –   We, 09.01.2013 12:30
S. Gönnenwein (TU München), C. Heiliger (U Gießen), D. Ködderitzsch (LMU München)
Physikzentrum Bad Honnef
Hauptstr. 5, 53604 Bad Honnef, Germany

Event partner:
Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Foundation
Contact person:
Sebastian T. B. Goennenwein,


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Magnetic materials play an important role in toda'y high tech devices, for example in hard disk drives, in magnetic sensors, or in magnetic actuators. Hereby, the magnetic properties are usually controlled or adjusted via the application of external magnetic fields. While this conventional magnetic-field control of magnetism approach is very natural and straightforward, it suffers from severe drawbacks. In particular, it is difficult to locally generate the required magnetic fields, such that the magnetic-field control of magnetism can not be scaled to modern, nm-scale devices.
In recent years, alternative schemes enabling a control of magnetic moments or spins by means of non-magnetic control paramteres have emerged. These non-magnetic control of spin schemes take advantage, e.g., of electric fields, magneto-electric coupling, elastic strains, or thermal gradients the manipulate the magnetic properties. The corresponding multifunctional structures (comprising constituents with both magnetic as well as a non-magnetic functionality) offer intriguing new physics and material science insights and challenges.
The key intention of the 510. WEH-Seminar is to address and compare the main non-magnetic control of spin schemes currently investigated, and to discuss possible extensions or new concepts. In addition to the fundamental physics and theoretical concepts underlying the different approaches, materials and device desing considerations will play an important role. The seminar thus shall give an overview over the rapidly developing field of non-magentic spin control, while providing ample time for discussions and scientific networking.
The number of participants is limited to about 80, so that registration as soon as possible is advisable.

Invited Speakers (confirmed)

Martin S. Brandt (TU München)
Michael Czerner (JLU Gießen)
Kathrin Dörr (U Halle)
Hubert Ebert (LMU München)
Burkard Hillebrands (TU Kaiserslautern)
Ron Jansen (AIST Japan)
Bert Koopmans (TU Eindhoven)
Marjana Lezaic (FZ Jülich)
Ingrid Mertig (U Halle)
Mihai Miron (CEA France)
Achim Rosch (U Köln)
Paulo Santos (PDI Berlin)
Christian Pfleiderer (TU München)
Wulf Wulfhekel (KIT Karlsruhe)