APP Spring Meeting 2001: Diagnostics of High Pressure Non-Equilibrium Plasmas

Diagnostics of High Pressure Non-Equilibrium Plasmas

Su, 18.02.2001 17:00  –   We, 21.02.2001 14:00
H. F. Döbele und V. Schulz-von der Gaten, U/GH Essen
Physikzentrum Bad Honnef
Hauptstr. 5, 53604 Bad Honnef, Germany

Contact person:
V. Schulz-von der Gathen,


First Circular

The "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Plasma Physik" APP sees as one of its tasks to foster the exchange of scientific knowledge as well within the APP as within the whole plasma physics community. The series of "APP Spring Meetings" especially intends to disseminate new results the APP achieved and at the same time to learn from international speakers about modern developments outside of the APP.
Particularly, young post graduate students are expected to profit from these Spring Meetings.
This first meeting is devoted to the presentation and discussion of the state of the art of diagnostic methods applied to non-equilibrium high pressure plasmas and related problems in a broad sense.
Contributions from scientists active in the above field are invited. Besides the dissemination of new scientific results it is also an aim of the meeting to establish and develop contacts between participants to create new and reinforce existing collaborations within the community.

Leading international scientists will review selected topics. Invited speakers have been contacted and most of them reacted already positively. Among these are (information is preliminary and titles are tentative):

Y. Akishev (Troitsk): "Electrical and optical investigations of transient high pressure discharge phenomena"
U. Kogelschatz (Baden): "Filamentary and diffuse barrier discharges"
C.O. Laux (Stanford): "Diagnostics of atmospheric air plasmas"
E. Marode (Paris): "Diagnostics and modeling of high pressure streamer discharges"
F. Massines (Orléans) : "Electrical and optical diagnostics of atmospheric pressure glow discharges"
V. Ochkin (Moscow): "Electric field measurement in high pressure discharges"
T. Oda (Tokyo): "Application of LIF-techniques to atmospheric pressure plasmas"
W.R. Rutgers (arnhem): "Environmental aspects of pulsed atmospheric discharges"
D. Setser (Kansas): "Kinetics of excited states"
J. Uhlenbusch (Düsseldorf): "CARS diagnostics of high pressure discharges"

Conference participation is by invitation. The contributed presentations will be by poster in combination with a ~7 min. oral introduction. As a rule, participants are supposed to present a contribution. The schedule will reserve sufficient time for intense interaction among participants. Excursions and visits to the nearby laboratories of the research groups of the APP can be arranged for the time before or after the meeting on an individual basis.
Accomodation and full board will be at the "Physikzentrum Bad Honnef". This limits the number of participants to 65. Double occupancy of rooms may be unavoidable. The conference fee - including accomodation and full board- cannot yet be specified. The organizers are making an effort to raise funds to keep it within very reasonable limits. It is also planned to support the participation of young scientists.