Press-relevant DPG activities

Below you will find further DPG activities that are relevant for press representatives. For further information please refer to the links.

Press trips

About once a year the DPG organises research trips for journalists on thematically defined subject areas of current physics. The trips usually last two days and are connected with a visit to one or more scientific institutions or experiments. For freelance journalists, the DPG often provides a limited number of travel grants, which usually cover travel to and from the institute and overnight stays. As a rule, the institutions visited cover the costs of the overnight stays.

Nobel Prize event

The Nobel Prize event "Live from Stockholm" in the Magnus-Haus Berlin offers journalists a central point of contact on the day of the announcement by the Nobel Prize Committee. At the Berlin branch of the German Physical Society, media representatives can follow the announcement live in a webcast together with physics experts. This will be followed by background discussions and interviews with the experts present on the prize winners.