Supercomputing with high energy efficiency

The experimental physicist Prof. Dr. Angelo Di-Bernado told us on June 02, 2021 how "Supercomputing with high energy efficiency" could work one day.

The constant demand for faster and more miniaturized electronics is challenging scientists to develop new quantum technologies. Whilst increasing the scalability, meaning the number of electronic devices per unit area, the power consumption and thermal management resulting from such an increase in devices density has also become a reason of major concern. 

In this talk, the basic principles and current state-of-the-art of two technologies to address the aforementioned challenges in the field of information technologies will be reviewed. These technologies include superconducting spintronics based on the idea of combining ferromagnetic materials with superconductors, and gate-controlled superconducting devices with the aim to develop logic circuits based on the superconducting equivalent of conventional semiconductor transistors.