Spacetime - Matter - Quantum Mechanics

Eighth International Workshop DICE2016

Su, 11.09.2016 16:00  –   Fr, 16.09.2016 17:30
Castello Pasquini in Castiglioncello (Tuscany)

Contact person:
Leone Fronzoni,
DPG Association:
Gravitation and Relativity (GR)  


Invited Speakers
H.J. Briegel (Univ. of Innsbruck)

C. Brukner (Univ. of Vienna)
Bell's theorem for causal order

G. Cella (Univ. di Pisa) [VIRGO Collab.]
The discovery of gravitational waves: a gentle fight against noise

Y. Chen (Caltech, Pasadena)

N. Chomsky (MIT, Cambridge MA)
The Galilean challenge: architecture and evolution of language

E. Cohen (Wills Lab., Bristol)
The black hole information paradox in final-state projection models

S. De Bianchi (Univ. Autonoma de Barcelona)
Why is the world 4-dimensional? H. Weyl's 1955 argument and the topology of causation

L. Diosi (Wigner Research Center, Budapest)
Centre of mass decoherence due to time dilation: paradoxical frame dependence

A.C. Elitzur (IYAR- Israeli Inst. Adv. Research, Rehovot)
Distant atoms maximally entangled with a photon never sent: a new consequence of the "Quantum Oblivion" effect

H.-T. Elze (Univ. di Pisa)
Nonrelativistic qantum systems with intrinsic cutoff as cellular automata (and little else?)

M. Genovese (INRIM, Torino)
Weak measurements: from measuring incompatible observables and
quantum contextuality with weak values to protective measurements

G. Groessing (AINS, Wien)
Compatibility of relativity with quantum nonlocality

J.J. Halliwell (Imperial College, London)

S. de Haro (Univ. of Amsterdam)
Dualities and emergence of space

B.-L. Hu (Univ. of Maryland)
Dimensional reduction in quantum gravity and fractal spacetime from the quantum Brownian motion perspective

A. Kempf (Univ. of Waterloo & Perimeter Institute)
How to express spacetime curvature in terms of the fluctuations of the vacuum

A. Khrennikov (Linnaeus Univ., Vaxjoe-Kalmar)
Quantum Information Biology: from molecular biology to cognition, psychology and sociology and politics

C. Kiefer (Univ. zu Koeln)
Quantum geometrodynamics of conformal gravity

S. Liberati (SISSA, Trieste)
Emergent gravity: from condensed matter analogues to phenomenology

N. Mavromatos (King's College, London)
Soliton solutions and energy transfer without dissipation in biological microtubules: some recent developments

E. Minguzzi (Univ. di Firenze)
Gravity theory through affine spheres

F. Nori (RIKEN & Univ. of Ann Arbor)

T. Padmanabhan (IUCAA, Pune)
The atoms of spacetime and the cosmological constant

M. Piattelli-Palmarini (Univ. of Arizona, Tucson)
On linguistics and its underlying dynamics - I.

I. Pikovski (Harvard-Smithsonian C. for Astrophysics, Cambridge, MA)
Gravitational time dilation in quantum interferometry: from the quantum twin paradox to decoherence

E. Prati (IFN - CNR, Milano)
Quantum neuromorphic hardware for quantum artificial intelligence

S. Reynaud (Lab. Kastler Brossel & College de France, Paris)
Is the Moon there when nobody looks?

O. Romero-Isart (Univ. of Innsbruck)
Towards quantum interference of spheres of 10^13 AMUs in an earth-based on-chip scheme

M. Sakellariadou (King's College, London)
Group field theory quantum gravity condensates: effective interactions and cosmological implications

A. Starobinsky (Landau Inst., Moscow)
Quantum features in the inflationary perturbation spectrum and in the sky

R. Tumulka (Rutgers Univ., Piscataway NJ)
Multi-time wave functions in quantum field theory

W. Unruh (Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver)
Measurement of Hawking radiation in the lab

G. Veneziano (CERN & College de France, Paris)
A quantum Universe before the Big Bang(s)?

G. Vitiello (Univ. di Salerno)
On linguistics and its underlying dynamics - II.

C. Wetterich (Univ. Heidelberg)
Scale symmetry in quantum gravity and cosmology

J. Yearsley (Vanderbilt Univ.)