Workshop "Perspectives in Representation Theory"

"Perspectives in Representation Theory"

Fr, 07.07.2006 16:00  –   Su, 09.07.2006 14:00
Steffen König, Uni Köln; Henning Krause, Uni Paderborn; Peter Littelmann, Uni Köln; Gunther Malle, Uni Kaiserslautern
Physikzentrum Bad Honnef
Hauptstr. 5, 53604 Bad Honnef, Germany

Event partner:
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Contact person:
Kathrin Bornhorst,


Strategic Workshop and Round Table Discussion

"Perspectives in Representation Theory"

Physikzentrum Bad Honnef (July 7-9, 2006)

Organisers: Steffen Koenig (Köln), Henning Krause (Paderborn), Peter Littelmann (Köln), and Gunter Malle (Kaiserslautern).

Speakers: Michel Broué (Paris), Gerhard Hiss (Aachen), Alan Huckleberry (Bochum), Jens Carsten Jantzen (Aarhus), Bernhard Keller (Paris), Toshiyuki Kobayashi (Kyoto), Markus Reineke (Münster), Idun Reiten (Trondheim), Wolfgang Soergel (Freiburg).

Aim of the workshop: Representation theory in Germany, and elsewhere, has been following several rather diverse directions, such as representation theory of algebras, representation theory of finite groups, Lie theory, geometric representation theory or analytic representation theory. This workshop aims at bringing together representatives of all of these areas, mainly from Germany, and discussing and promoting current or future interactions between these areas, thus supporting interdisciplinary trends and connections, which recently have led to much success. The lectures are expected to be surveys accessible to representation theorists specialising in other areas. There will be lectures from each of the directions of representation theory mentioned above, and there will be much focus on interactions and discussions.

Format of the workshop: The workshop will run from Friday to Saturday. Lectures will start Friday 11 am and end Saturday 6 pm. The venue has been chosen in order to allow all participants to stay in one house, which offers plenty of facilities for group discussions in various formats. The schedule of the workshop will leave room for discussions and contributions by participants.

Workshop program: Please see here for the schedule and here for title and abstracts of the talks.

Registered participants: Please see here.

Round table discussion: The workshop will be followed by a round table discussion on Sunday. Participation is by invitation only. The aim is to dicuss future research projects, potential new connections or new applications of existing connections between different parts of representation theory, and future networking activities, workshops and summer schools. See here for further documents (password required).

Location: The workshop takes place at the Physikzentrum Bad Honnef. The town Bad Honnef is close to Bonn and Köln and thus easy to reach by plane or train. The cost of accommodation and subsistence in the Physikzentrum is about 50 Euro per day and participant.

Funding: The workshop is supported by the Leverhulme Trust (network 'Algebras, Representations and Applications'). The round table discussion is supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.