Machine Learning Seminar


Mo, 14.09.2020 14:00  –   Di, 15.09.2020 12:00
Physikzentrum Bad Honnef
Hauptstr. 5, 53604 Bad Honnef, Germany

Online Participation possible.
Anmeldung erforderlich | Kostenpflichtig
Prof. Dr. Atoosa Meseck (Vorsitzende AKBP),
Arbeitskreis Beschleunigerphysik (AKBP)  


The hybrid seminar on machine learning will not only cover the canceled focus session of the spring meeting 2020, but will go well beyond that and provide an insight into the methods and applications of machine learning in accelerator physics.

In addition, we take the opportunity to award the AKBP Prizes: Horst-Klein-Forschungspreis 2020 and Nachwuchspreis-Beschleunigerphysik 2020.

Participation both online and on site is possible.


Mon. 14.Sep Name Title
02:00:00 PM Sabrina Appel Optimization of heavy-ion synchrotrons using derivative-free algorithms and machine learning
02:50:00 PM Luis Vera Ramirez Towards Reinforcement Learning Based Optimization at the Light Source BESSY II
03:40:00 PM Elena Fol Machine Learning for Optics Measurements and Corrections at the LHC
03:52:00 PM Marius Köppel Learning to Rank Higgs-Boson candidates
04:05:00 PM   Coffe break
Mon. 14.Sep Name Award Session
04:15:00 PM Atoosa Meseck Laudation: Horst Klein Research Award
04:30:00 PM Bernhard Franzke

30 Years of Precision Experiments with Cooled Exotic Ion Beams in the ESR at GSI/FAIR.

05:00:00 PM Atoosa Meseck Laudation: DPG Young Scientist Award for Accelerator Physics
05:15:00 PM Uwe Niedermayer Electron Beam Dynamics in Dielectric Laser Accelerators
on a Microchip
Tue 15.Sep Name Title
08:00:00 AM Frederik van der Veken Machine Learning at the LHC (anomalies, collimation and beam lifetime)
08:50:00 AM Riccardo Aliberti Muon-Pion Separation using Machine Learning at NA62 and BESII
09:40:00 AM Andrei Ivanov Physics based Deep Neural Networks for Beam Dynamics
Tue 15.Sep Name Title
10:15:00 AM Tobias Boltz Towards Micro-Bunching Control at Storage Rings with Reinforcement Learning
11:00:00 AM Pierre Schnizer Integrating Machine Learning within BESSY II Accelerator Controls
11:30:00 AM David Meier Machine Learning on electron gun of BerlinPro
11:57:00 AM Maximillian Schütte Collecting Data from the EuXFEL Optical Sync System for Intelligent Algorithms