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unter anderem mit einem Hinweis, dass das ehemalige physikalische Institut der Universität Frankfurt als „EPS Historic Site“ ausgezeichnet wurde, einem Bericht zum Auftakt der binationalen Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Seminare in Frankreich sowie einem Hinweis zum Start von PiA - Physik im Advent.




EPS Historic Site inaugurated in Frankfurt: Born for Modern Physics

Unveiling of the plaque

On 3 September 2019 the former Institute of Physics of the University of Frankfurt was inaugurated as an “EPS Historic Site” by the European Physical Society.

The Arthur-von-Weinberg-Haus in Frankfurt has a special significance for the history of physics. Max von Laue held the first Chair of Theoretical Physics. His successor was Max Born and Otto Stern developed the molecular beam method here. It was decisive for the proof of the space quantization predicted by Sommerfeld and Debye, which Stern could furnish, together with Walther Gerlach, in 1922. In 1943 Otto Stern was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for these achievements.

The “Historic Site” plaque of the European Physical Society now commemorates these and other achievements in physics in Frankfurt. The memorial plaque was unveiled on September 3, 2019, during a ceremony in the historic auditorium of the Jügel-Haus, the former main building of the Goethe University on the Bockenheim campus.

For more information, please see http://www.epsnews.eu/2019/10/eps-historic-site-inaugurated-in-frankfurt-born-for-modern-physics


Physics and Life

The participants of the first French-German Wilhelm and Else Heraeus seminar in Roscoff, France

First French-German Wilhelm and Else Heraeus seminar dealt with physics in living systems. It was the start of further binational seminars to strengthen the European idea.

Science is international and requires the free exchange of ideas and minds. However, in view of the increasingly widespread scepticism towards European integration, this matter of course is often forgotten. The committees of the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation therefore decided a year ago to set an example with a new series of events. “The aim of the new binational Wilhelm and Else Heraeus seminars is in particular to strengthen existing cooperation between scientists from Germany and a European partner country or to initiate new ones,” says Prof. Joachim Treusch, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation.

The binational seminars are conducted in cooperation with the German Physical Society (DPG), which maintains close relations with the Physical Societies of France, Great Britain and Poland and awards binational scientific prizes together with them.

For more information, please see http://www.epsnews.eu/2019/10/physics-and-life/


Every year again: Physical Experiments in Advent

Physics in Advent

24 entertaining physics experiments will again be offered this year under the motto “24 experiments until Christmas” in cooperation with several national and international physical societies and STEM initiatives. Many great prizes can be won.

“PiA – Physik im Advent” is an Advent calendar of a special kind. Behind every little door there is some education and fun. From 1st to 24th December, small physical experiments that can be carried out with standard household materials will be presented every day as videos by Mr. or Ms. Santa. Participants do the experiments and answer a question on the PiA website. On the following day, there will be a solution video and, if the answer is correct, the participant will get a point. At Christmas, all participants will receive individual certificates. Among the best participants, prizes will be raffled off in the categories of individuals, school classes or schools, for which numerous donors have donated in cash or kind. In addition to tablets, books, and experimental kits, there will also be a trip to Dallas to watch NBA basketball games with Dirk Nowitzki. Anyone who registers at https://www.physics-in-advent.org can participate. Registration is free and opens on 1st November. PiA starts on 1 December. Posters and flyers can be requested free of charge via the contact form on the PiA website.

For more information, please see http://www.epsnews.eu/2019/10/every-year-again-physical-experiments-in-advent/


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