Matthias C. Löbl - Universität Basel

Semiconductors (HL), Quantum Optics and Photonics (Q)

Position Postdoctoral Researcher
Address Klingelbergstrasse 82
4056 Basel
Research Quantum Dots, Semiconductors, Auger Processes, Excitons, Quantum Optics
Weblinks Group-Website
Divisions Semiconductors (HL)
Quantum Optics and Photonics (Q)

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Research Agenda: In my current research, I investigate the so-called radiative Auger process (shake-up) on III-V semiconductor quantum dots. This process leads to weak emission lines that are red-shifted from the fundamental transition. We have shown that one can use the radiative Auger emission from a trion as a tool to map the electronic level structure of a quantum emitter. I work on several quantum optics experiments with radiative Auger photons that reveal information about the carrier dynamics in the quantum dot. Whereas normal Auger processes are often detrimental for quantum applications, the radiative Auger process enables interesting possibilities to study the properties of quantum emitters.

Short Bio: I investigated different types of excitons in semiconductor quantum dots and studied carrier-carrier interactions in this system. In collaboration with the Univerity of Bochum, I also investigated the connection between optical quantum dot properties and semiconductor growth. The goal of this project is to improve the optical properties of quantum dots for applications in quantum information. I completed my PhD in January 2020. Since then, work on the so-called radiative Auger effect on a trion. I supervise this and other projects on III-V quantum emitters.