Instructions for Preparing Proposals

How to prepare proposals for Focus Sessions and Invited Talks

Proposals for Focus Sessions as well as for Invited Talks (definition see below) should be submitted to the TT chairperson until October 1 of the year before the corresponding Spring Meeting.

A Focus Session usually consists of 4-5 Invited Talks, 25+5 min each. It can be supplemented, whenever appropriate, by a few Contributed Talks (12+3 min).

TT Focus Sessions

After "Proposal for a TT Focus Session, SKM Spring Meeting, Place, Year" in the first line, the following information is required:
  • Title of the proposed Focus Session
  • Coordinator(s), e-mail address(es)
  • Cooperation with another division?
  • Short (5-10 lines) justification: relevance and timeliness of the topic, etc, maybe 2-3 references
  • List about 5 possible speakers, including their affiliation and homepage, as well as the respective tentative titles. Preferably, a Focus Session should feature a reasonable mixture of experimental and theoretical talks. Invited Speakers must be at least mature post docs
  • Keep in mind that there are only limited funds to cover the expenses for speakers from abroad. (The travel and living expenses for speakers from Germany are not refunded.)
  • The complete proposal should not exceed one page.
  • Submit your proposal either as plain e-mail or as WORD or Open Office or PDF document.

Invited Talks

Note that we do not distinguish between "Invited Talk" and "Topical Talk" anymore. The time for an invited talk is, in most cases, 25+5 min, even though there can be exceptions. In particular, we welcome presentations where the speaker gives an overview on his/her field.
  • Suggestions for Invited Speakers should contain his/her affiliation, e-mail address and homepage, as well as a tentative title. Please give a short (5-10 lines) justification, and maybe 2-3 relevant references.

Deadline: 1 October