MM Auszeichnungen

MM-Posterpreise 2022

  • Elias Fösleitner, Johannes Cartus, Lukas Hörmann, Oliver T. Hoffmann
    Transfer learning on organic/inorganic interfaces for different substrates
  • Zhuoquing Li, Patrick Huber, Sabie Laschat, Aileen Raab, Erdmann Spiecker, and Mohamed A. Kolmangadi
    Structural and Textural Transitions of Discotic Ionic Liquid Crystals in Nanoporous Solids

MM-Posterpreise 2019

  • Aviral Vaid, Subin Lee, Julien Guenole, Arun Prakash, Sang Ho Oh, and Erik Bitzek
    Atomistic Simulation of Incipient Plasticity in Compressed Au Nanowires
  • Birk Fritsch, Andreas Hutzler, Michael P. M. Jank, Robert Branscheid, Erdmann Spiecker, and Martin März
    In situ TEM in Liquids using Si3Ni4-Graphene Hybrid Cell Design

MM-Posterpreise 2018

  • Marian David Bongers, Mohsen Sotoudeh, Vladimir Roddatis, Carsten Nowak, Martin Wenderoth, Peter Blöchl and Astrid Pundt
    Hydrogen induced defects in the palladium/rutile titanium dioxide model system
  • Sarath Menon, Grisell Diaz Leines, Jutta Rogal and Ralf Drautz
    Transition Path Sampling of Seeded Nucleation during Solidification in Nickel

MM-Posterpreise 2017

  • Christian Braun, Jules M. Dake, Carl Krill, and Rainer Birringer
    Abnormal coarsening of nanoscale microstructures goes fractal
  • Clemens Garve, Birte Riechers,and Konrad Samwer
    Mechanical Analysis of Metallic Glasses in the Non-Linear
  • Efi Hadjixenophontos, Lukas Michalek, Manuel Roussel, Andreas Weigel, Toyoto Sato, Shin-ichi Orimo, and Guido Schmitz
    Imaging and kinetics of MgH2 and TiH2 formation

MM-Posterpreise 2016

  • Martin Friák, Stefanie Sandlöbes, Zongrui Pei, Duancheng Ma, Bob Svendsen, Dierk Raabe, and Jörg Neugebauer
    An ab initio high throughput approach to identify Mg-alloys with exceptionally high yield strength
  • Manuel Roussel, Martin Schellenberger, Tim Lehmann, and Guido Schmitz
    Phase Transformation in Alloyed Nanowires
  • Zhuocheng Xie, Jakob Renner, Aruna Prakash, and Erik Bitzek
    Surface Nucleation Controlled Plasticity in Twinned Gold Nanowires

MM-Posterpreise 2015

  • Jonas Lübke, Stefan Ostendorp, Nina Winkler, und Gerhard Wilde
    Gas sensors based on metal oxides deposited on AAO for the detection of carbon monoxide
  • Ingo Schmidt, Kyubock Lee, Emil Zolotoyabko, Peter Werner, Peter Fratzl, und Wolfgang Wagermaier
    Characteristics of the artificial nanocrystalline calcium carbonate microlens arrays subjected to the amorphous/crystalline phase transformation

MM-Posterpreise 2014

  • Lindsey JE Anderson, Silke Kirchner, Debora Schamel, Peer Fischer, Theobald Lomüller, and Jochen Feldmann
    Light-driven rotation of chiral, screw-like microstructures in a fluidic environment
  • Sascha B. Maisel, Nils Schindzielorz, Alessandro Mottura, Roger Reed, and Stefan Müller
    Combined experimental and theoretical study showing D1a-type local order in Ni-Re
  • Christian Meckenhäuser, Andreas Kelling, Inga Knorr, Tobias Liese, Hans-Ulrich Krebs, and Cynthia A. Volkert
    In-situ TEM fracture tests of nanoscale multilayers