ONLINE Around the World - Taiwan Edition

The international team of the jPDG invites you to another version of the Around the World chats! This time we will be learning about studying in Taiwan and Germany. We are happy to announce that this event will be joined by the young physical society of Taiwan.

Online seminar
Su, 28.11.2021 12:00  –   Su, 28.11.2021 13:00

Registration required
Contact person:
Rebecca Hoffmann, Konstantin Leyde, Johannes Wünsche,
DPG Association:
Working Group Young DPG  


During this event, we want to discuss the differences and similarities between studying in Taiwan and Germany. We will hear two presentations by students who studied abroad (a Taiwanese student in Germany and a German student in Taiwan). The first joint event of this kind, we are very much looking forward to learning and exchanging about physics in Taiwan and Germany!

The event time is 12.00 in Germany, and 19.00 in Taiwan! (11.00 UTC time)

Please note that is is mandatory to register for this event here.