Membership in the DPG

The DPG is the world's largest physical society and is networked both nationally and internationally. The members of the DPG distinguish themselves through their commitment to physics and contribute to the association through their voluntary activities. Join the DPG, enjoy the benefits of the large network of Physicists and Physics Enthusiasts and become active!

Become a DPG member now

It is very easy to apply for membership of the German Physical Society (Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft e. V.). After filling out and sending the online application form, you will receive our confirmation of admission by mail and by e-mail within one week. You will receive the DPG Members Journal (Physik Journal) monthly starting with the next issue. We look forward to hearing from you!

⇒ Online application form
(not for underage new members; please use PDF application form)

Alternatively, you can download the forms as PDF, fill them in and send them to us:
⇒ Application form for (underage) DPG members [PDF]
⇒ Application for admission for research institutes or other public, non-profit institutions [PDF]
⇒ Application for admission for companies and their research laboratories [PDF]


DPG Abitur price: Activation of membership

You have received the DPG Abitur award and would like to activate your one-year free membership? Then please use the following form and become an active member of the DPG - Welcome!

⇒ Activation of membership for DPG Abitur prize winners


Modifications of your personal membership data

Are you already a DPG member and would like to view or change your personal data or group yourself into a different contribution group? Then please use the change form under "My DPG". To gain access to the internal area and "My DPG", you must first log in to the DPG website with your access data under "Login". You will find the access data on your DPG membership card, which you receive annually from the DPG. If you no longer have your membership card, please contact Membership Administration and Services. If you lost your password, you can set a new password here. The changes will be formally checked by the office and will be entered into the member database afterwards. Please note that it can take up to 3 days until the changes are visible in "My DPG". As a rule, you will not receive any further confirmation. Should there be any further questions, the Head Office will contact you.


Do you still have questions, wishes and suggestions?

You can contact our Membership Administration and Services as follows:

Postal address
Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft e. V.
Membership Administration and Services
Hauptstraße 5
53604 Bad Honnef

Phone: 02224-9232-0
Fax: 02224-9232-50

E-mail to the Membership Administration and Services