Online Mathematics Bridge Course

The DPG is a partner in the Online Mathematik Brückenkurs (OMB+), an online mathematics bridge course which enables schoolchildren to repeat mathematics in compact form. The OMB+ gives an impression of the level of mathematics required for physics studies and enables targeted and early preparation for university studies.

At the beginning of physics studies, mathematics is often a certain hurdle. With the OMB+, students interested in studying physics can test their mathematics knowledge and repeat the mathematics school material in compact form. The OMB+ enables targeted and early preparation for physics studies. The OMB+ was developed by a consortium of 13 German universities; the DPG and also the Konferenz der Fachbereiche Physik (Conference of Physics Departments) were involved from the very beginning. The DPG is a partner of the OMB+ and supports it. It recommends the OMB+ above all to prospective physics students, who can use it to test and refresh their knowledge of mathematics. This is made possible by generous support from the Wilhelm und Else Heraeus Foundation.

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This program is made possible through the generous support of the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation.