ShowPhysics 2010

Tu, 27.04.2010 09:30  –   Fr, 30.04.2010 15:15
Olivier Gaumer, EuroPhysicsFun
Physikzentrum Bad Honnef
Hauptstr. 5, 53604 Bad Honnef, Germany

Contact person:
Euro Science Fun,


how Physics 2010 — Bonn / Bad Honnef - Germany

Welcome to the website of the annual EPF conference on Show Physics, which will be held in Bad Honnef, Germany, from April 27th to April 30th 2010.

This conference is aimed at bringing together groups with physics show experience and people who would like to set up a new physics show. The conference will contain lectures by experts on science communication from across Europe, as well as plenty of hands-on experimental sessions where the physics shows can exchange ideas, and where the new groups can learn science communication.

This conference is primarily meant for people who are already involved in a physics show but also people who are enthusiastic about setting up a new physics show.

By bringing together all these people, we aim to encourage an exchange of ideas, both between physics shows, and between various physics shows and people who want to set up a physics show.

This conference is sponsored by the Wright fundation, based in Geneva.