We celebrate 175+1 years DPG!

175 years of the "German Physical Society" are enough reason to celebrate an astonishing history: What began in 1845 with six young scientists from the colloquium of Gustav Magnus as the "Physikalische Gesellschaft zu Berlin", became the "Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft" with meanwhile about 60,000 members.

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Physicists need society in order to exchange ideas, share their enthusiasm and not to lose sight of the big picture, despite all the specialisation required. And society needs physics because: Physics is in everything and everywhere, in the history of the universe, the structure of matter, but also in modern communication technology or advanced methods of medicine.

In the anniversary year 2020, we would like to invite the public and the physics community to experience and share the fascination of physics, but also to discuss the opportunities and risks of research and application. This can be seen especially in the mirror of 175 years of the German Physical Society, which is not only part of the fascinating history of physics, but always also of social and political developments. more...