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Journals, studies, books and web portals – DPG is responsible for numerous publications, many of which are available online. DPG’s web portfolio also provides access to the speeches of the DPG President, to statements of the DPG and to the fact sheet “Physik konkret”.
Physik Journal
DPG members journal, the “Physik Journal” (formerly named “Physikalische Blätter”), regularly reports on the latest developments in physics and on the DPG.
Physik konkret
“Physik konkret” is an fact sheet, which contains facts on the latest scientific and scientific policy issues in a compact and generally understandable form.
New Journal of Physics
Together with the British Institute of Physics the DPG publishes an electronic specialist journal: the “New Journal of Physics”. This open-access journal appears exclusively online and is accessible worldwide free of charge. In contrast to standard journals readers do not have to pay any licence or registration costs – instead there is a charge for publication of the articles.
The programmes of the DPG Spring Meetings appear under the prestigious name “Verhandlungen der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft” (Conferences of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft), every year with approximately 8,000 abstracts of the scientific lectures held there.
Whether this involves issues related to education and university policy, disarmament issues or topics from the fields of energy and the environment: the DPG expresses its opinions on scientific and science policy issues in statements, resolutions and memorandums.
Speeches of the DPG President
Speeches of the President at events dedicated to the latest scientific and research policy issues as well as for commemorating prize awards and bestowing honours.
Brochures and Books
In brochures (which can be downloaded for free) and books the DPG clearly spells out what importance physics research has for the future of our society – and reflects its own history as a scientific specialist society in publications about the Physikzentrum Bad Honnef (Conference Centre and DPG Head Office) and about the role of the DPG in the Third Reich.
The DPG compiles studies which contain comprehensive information and analyses on important scientific and science policy issues – for instance on the situation of up-and-coming teachers in the field of physics or on climate protection.
Welt der Physik (World of Physics)
The internet portal www.weltderphysik.de, jointly operated by the DPG and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) presents physics research results, presents the research environment in Germany and provides a wealth of information on everything related to physics for all those interested in science – and not least for teachers, school students and other students.
School Notebook
„With astronauts in the universe”

The school notebook „With astronauts in the universe“ is a handout / instruction for teachers (teaching classes from 3rd to 6th grade), which has been jointly compiled by the DLR, Klett MINT in a close cooperation with the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft and Jugend forscht. On occasion of Alexander Gerst’s second mission pupils can comprehend a spaceflight to the International Space Station (ISS) in all its stages on the basis of numerous “hands-on-experiments”.
Special Issues
Since the Year of Physics in 2000 special issues are regularly published, which present generally comprehensible facts about physics and also offer people who are not physicists an insight into the exciting world of physics.
Physikalische Blätter
The complete “Physikalische Blätter” – which was the name of the members journal of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG) until 2001 (nowadays called Physik Journal) – have been digitalised and are available for all interested persons. The 57 years of publications comprise more than 650 journals and 30,000 pages.
Europhysics News
Europhysics News (EPN) is the journal of the European Physical Society (EPS), which is also available online, and the the DPG is also a member of the EPS as a national society.
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