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Das Programm der jDPG auf den Frühjahrstagungen 2019

Die junge DPG bietet jedes Jahr auf den DPG-Frühjahrstagungen ergänzend zum wissenschaftlichen Programm Veranstaltungen an, die sich speziell auch an Promovierende und Studierende richten.

Hacky Hour

Within this format, which is jointly organised with the Working Group Information, you have the possibility to present your own favourite tools which ease your daily scientific live in front of an interested audience. Each time slot consists of 30 min, which should be divided into an introductory and a tutorial part.

Application is possible here until 20.02. Afterwards the contributions are shown here.

There are two Hacky Hours planned on Thursday, 10:30-12:30 and 14:00-16:00.


This three tutorials have been organised together with the corresponding division. The tutorials cover the topics X-ray lasers (U HS 326), Molecular Spectroscopy (U HS 224) and Quantum Metrology (U HS 323) at an introductory level.

The tutorials start on Sunday, 10. 03., 4pm sharp.


The PhD-Symposium explores the world of Quantum Optimal Control Theory. The symposium is especially designed to give an introduction into the topic on the level of BScs, MScs and PhDs.

It takes place on Monday, 14:00-16:00. For more information please click here.

Tower Building Contest

The tower building contest takes place on Tuesday right after the Plenary Talks in the Audimax.

Lunch Talk

For participants at the end of their PhD and young PostDocs we offer in collaboration with the Working Group on Industry and Business (AIW) a Lunch Talk (in German) during the lunch break on Tuesday. Within these talks physicists who already gained experience in working in the economy will share their knowledge.


EinsteinSlam is the competitive art of making complex science accessible to a broad audience. There are just 10 minutes for every attendee to present his / her self-made performance. The event will finish with a public poll in order to evaluate if a particular contribution was either instructive and amusing or rather should have never been performed. All presentations will be given in German.

The Slam takes place on Tuesday evening 8pm in the Audimax. More information here: www.einstein-slam.de.

Pub Crawl

In case you need some time to take a rest in the middle of the conference and you are looking for conversations beyond physics, the local group of the young DPG cordially invites you to a pub crawl through the nightlife in Rostock. With subsequent visit of the plenary talks on Thursday ;-)

We meet at Wednesday, 8pm, at the Audimax.


For participants asking themselves, what they can do with physics out of academia the Industrietag (in German) will provide insides into world of renewal energy techniques and show possible carrier ways in this part of industry.

The Industrietag takes place on Thursday, 10:30-12:30.


In Kooperation der jungen DPG mit den Fachverbänden Hadronen & Kerne, Mathematische Physik und Plasmaphysik werden drei Tutorien zu verschiedenen Forschungsthemen angeboten. Von der Physik der Neutronensterne (Hörsaal HS1), einem Überblick zu Quanteninformation (Hörsaal H2) und Atmosphärendruck- sowie Hochtemperaturplasmen (Hörsaal HS3) ist für jeden Interessierten etwas dabei. Die Tutorien finden am Sonntag, den 17.3., von 16 bis 18 Uhr statt

PhD Symposium

Das PhD-Symposium beschäftigt sich mit den Extrema von Gravitation und Materie. In drei Vorträgen sowie einer Podiumsdiskussion werden die Grenzen der bekannten Physik an schwarzen Löchern oder in Neutronensterne beleuchtet.


Ganz traditionell organisiert die junge DPG wieder einen Kneipenabend. Alle Interessierten sind herzlich eingeladen, am Dienstag Abend mitzukommen und die Münchner Kneipenwelt zu erkunden! Treffpunkt ist um 20:00 im Foyer vor dem Plenarsaal.

Das Programm der jDPG in Aachen erscheint demnächst hier.

Das Programm der jDPG in Regensburg erscheint demnächst hier.