"God does not play dice!" Do you agree? Lets discuss such questions at our Pub-Philosophy event.

"God does not play dice". This famous sentence from Albert Einstein summarizes very well the struggles of physicists to deal with the concepts of quantum mechanics. What can we know? Is there a fundamental randomness or is the world deterministic? These questions dealing with the nature of the fabric of reality are of concern for philosophers and physicists as well - though they are almost forgotten.
The jDPG invites students in physics and philosophy to a philosophical discussion in an informal atmosphere.

Where: Pontstraße 151, 52062 Aachen
When: 08.05.2019 and 15.05.2019 at 7pm
Language: English

If you are interested apply to  with the subject "pub philosophy" and your field of studies. We still have space available.
The places will be associated by "first come first serve" due to limitations in the number of participants.