The Quantum Dinner

Science is currently facing the so-called second quantum revolution, aiming to harness basic quantum physical effects for novel applications. As AG youLeaP, we anticipate this as one of the central future concerns of the entire society and therefore want to report and discuss current exciting developments and findings in the field. We therefore invite all scientists to visit our new webinar lecture series on quantum technologies and quantum sciences in October:

“The Quantum Dinner”

Every evening at 5:15 p.m. we present a lecture on current topics in the field of quantum physics and quantum technologies, in which you can participate freely via zoom. Afterwards, questions can be asked and discussed under our moderation. The lectures are intended to appeal students and doctoral students in particular. The first lecture will take place on October 6 as part of the kick-off meeting of the AG youLeaP in Bad Honnef (live-stream online available), followed by 12 further lectures until October 22. We are pleased to welcome as many interested people as possible.

Preliminary programme:

05.10.20 - Dieter Meschede - Quantum 2.0 - Challenges for Science and Society

07.10.20 - Kai Müller - Dynamics of non-classical light generation based on semiconductor quantum dots

08.10.20 - Alexander Szameit - Integrated photonic circuits for classical and quantum light


12.10.20 - Eleni Diamanti - tba

13.10.20 -Thomas Strohm (tbc)

- tba

14.10.20 - Anna Pappa - Advantages of multipartite entanglement in quantum networks

15.10.20 - Peter Michler - tba


19.10.20 - Elke Neu-Ruffing - tba

20.10.20 - Jürgen Stuhler - tba

21.10.20 - Carsten Schuck - tba

22.10.20 - Andreas Wallraff - tba