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Programmes of the DPG

One of the prime goals of the DPG is to promote physics and in particular to provide intensive support for new promising and talented physicists as well as increasing interest in physics. The DPG has a comprehensive range of programmes to pursue this goal.

DPG High School Prize
Each year the DPG awards the DPG Book Prize and/or a one-year free DPG membership to high school students with outstanding performances in physics in their school leaving examination. Every school with students taking Abitur (school leaving certificate qualifying for university entrance) who have outstanding performances in physics has the opportunity to apply for the DPG High School Prize. Each year approximately 2,800 schools participate.
Physics for School Students
Together with the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation the DPG promotes innovative school projects in natural sciences. Often there is not enough funding for illustrative teaching, implementing projects or doing more than thematically illustrated experiments. Physics is an exciting science and an important basis for our living standards – in cooperation with the WE-Heraeus Foundation the DPG provides financial support for the attractive design of teaching measures.
fobi-Φ - Promotion of Advanced Teacher Training
fobi-Φ provides financial support for implementing physics-related events/advanced training for teachers. The DPG would like to motivate different institutes to stage advanced training courses or series of lectures for teachers.
Advanced Teacher Training
The DPG promotes specialist and didactical training of teachers. Each year up to five advanced teacher training courses with different focuses and target groups are offered at the Physikzentrum Bad Honnef C(onference Centre and DPG Head Office). Advanced teacher training courses are also organised within the framework of the DPG Spring Meetings.
Online-Mathematics-Bridging-Course OMB+
The OMB+ offers a conducive preparation for studying physics at the university. It allows for a recapitulation of the mathematics taught in school and gives an impression of the mathematics level required for studying physics at the university level. The OMB+ was developed by several German universities and is recommended by the conference of all German physics faculties. An English version of the OMB+ is in the pipeline but not yet available. direct link to the OMB+: www.omb-physik.de . Flyer.
The “International Young Physicists Tournament” is an international competition which is staged each year, where approximately 30 teams of school students from all over the world compete with each other. The school students have to solve complicated scientific tasks, then present them in a convincing way and defend their solutions in debates. If the German team manages to secure one of the top three places, the five participants of this team are honoured by receiving the DPG’s school students’ prize.
Since 2014 the German National Team for the International Young Physicists' Tournament (IYPT) is selected in a competition named German Young Physicists' Tournament (GYPT). Students from all over Germany explore different tasks and present their solutions in the GYPT. The German National Team consist of the best students. The German Physical Society (DPG) acts as host of the GYPT. The tournament is organized by the University of Ulm.
Physics Olympics
The Physics Olympics is a competition staged on an annual basis, whereby school students are able to compete with each other in solving theoretical and experimental tasks from the field of school physics. The best five participants will represent Germany as a team at the International Physics Olympics, and will also have the opportunity to establish international contacts. The DPG promotes this outstanding performance with the school students’ prize.
PiA - Physics in Advent
With „PiA – Physics in Advent“ we have created a very special Advent calendar: a physical Advent calendar. Thus we display 24 simple experiments and physical riddles to young researchers and all generally interested people who take delight in physics. The experimentations are great fun. They shall fascinate and inspire an excited audience.
Physics for all
Physical phenomena are universal and global: They are equal for all humans on earth, no matter where you are or which language you speak or which religion you worship. Physics is exciting, fascinating, informative and experimentation creates self-confidence.
IYL School Contest
Do you know „Incredible Machines“? A “Incredible Machine” arranges different things like dominoes and other objects of everyday life in a chain reaction. This is what you have to do in our new School contest: You build your own “Incredible Machine” and film the chain reaction. The first ten winner-teams get surprise packages. In addition the first winner-team is invited to a very special journey!
Internship Exchange/List of Applicants
The DPG is glad to support you in finding a job and looking for a job. The internship exchange enables you to gather experience in working life and make important contacts. DPG members are offered free publication of the job adverts in the Physik Journal (DPG Members Journal) and the DPG’s homepage.
Laboratory Experience Programme
The Working Group on Industry and Business of the DPG has established an “Open Day” especially for physics students. They are given insight into companies and application-oriented research institutions, so that they can get an idea about the various professions and working environments. They have the opportunity to secure knowledge about their planned professional future perspectives or also to learn about new career outlooks through visiting premises and talking to staff there.
Promotion Programme for Participants of Meetings
Up-and-coming talented young physicists have the opportunity to present their working results at the DPG meetings, the Deutsche Physikerinnentagung (German Conference of Women in Physics) or at a meeting of the EPS and IUPAP to a critical specialist audience. The Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation provides financial support for this active conference participation.
RISE – Research Internships in Science and Engineering
The RISE programme of the DAAD promotes the international exchange of students. Students from Germany have the opportunity to complete a research internship anywhere in the world; and at the same time students from other countries can participate in German research projects. The RISE programme provides insight into an international working environment and promotes communication at an international level.
Honorary Engagement in the DPG
The German Physical Society (DPG) is a non-profit society/association which is keeping alive through the honorary engagement of its members. Within the scope of various projects DPG intends to give further possibilities and options to all its members and people being generally interested in physics to support physics and the DPG.
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