Press briefings at the DPG conferences

On the occasion of its meetings the DPG organises press conferences. Here, journalists can exchange views with experts on current topics that are discussed at these conferences.

Journalists can register for the press briefings in advance of the DPG conferences. In addition, the DPG usually provides press tips in which press-relevant and important dates and events of the DPG conferences are prepared and summarized for journalists.

The focus of the press briefings is always on the current activities of the DPG as well as the contents of the respective conferences.

Further information for journalists can be found on the Internet at:


For freelance journalists who wish to attend one of the meetings in order to report on it, the DPG provides a limited contingent of travel grants. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to .


Contact person for the media:

Gerhard Samulat
Phone: +49 2224 / 9232-33
Mobile: +49 1577 / 40 35 823 (during the conferences)

For more information on the conferences, please visit: